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A sew-in weave is a type of hair extension installation technique typically done by stylists where human hair wefts are sewn onto small, tightly woven braids against the scalp. These extensions look more natural than other type of techniques  such as wigs or clip-on hair. The Sew-In technique is typically great for a person who is frequently around other people, because sewn-in weaves tend to stay in place better than wigs or clips. 


Our ready-made machine wefts are of  the best quality you'll find amongst all of our competition—as our retail and wholesale customers often tell us.

A weft—or hair bundle—is a curtain-like layer of hair used for layering into your own hair, giving you desired the volume, length, and/or color, you look to achieve. These bundles serve as a binding matrix for your hair. Our ready-made wefts are precisely made by specially designed machines. This precision ensures our wefts are always crafted with the highest quality stitching.

Our bundles are made from 100% human hair, and work by locking loose hair into a matrix that may be sewn or glued onto the scalp.

  • Zig Zag Natural Body

  • Zig Zag Wavy

  • Zig Zag Curly

  • Bollywood Natural Body

  • Bollywood Wavy

  • Bollywood Curly

  • Relaxed Roots

  • Relaxed Texture

  • Silky Relaxed

  • Royal

Weft Closures

Our naturally looking weft closures are designed to conceal the crown of your head. We have developed the best quality weft closures available to complete your hairstyle, and precisely fit you with a seamless appearance that mimics the scalp.

Each Weft Closure is designed in a variety of styles and meticulously crafted so that it blends with each of our collections, always resulting in an exquisite look.

All of our human hair wefts and weft closures can be customized here on our premises in Los Angeles to suit your style. With both retail and wholesale pricing, you can buy our weft closures online, in our showroom, or by phone.

Our weft closures are available in:

  • Zig-Zag
  • Royal
  • Relaxed
  • Silky Relaxed
  • Relaxed Roots

Style 1: Partial French Part (Skin Top) and Lace with Ribbon Edge, No Lip.

Style 2: Full French Part (Skin Top) with Lace Lip.

Style 3: Partial French Part (Skin Top) and Lace with Ribbon Edge, Lace Lip.

French Lace: All French Lace with Poly edge. Create your own part (free style).

Understanding Weft Closures

Skin Top: The perception of hair growing out of the scalp. This look is achieved through French-part ventilation or polyurethane material.

French Part: Style of ventilation that creates a natural looking skin top for a more natural look. This style is labor intensive with a double ventilation process that produces a product that has no returns. Due to the intricate nature of the construction, this style requires more upkeep and maintenance.

Lace: A base material.

Lace Lip: Narrow bang section of lace material that rests on the forehead, creating a natural hairline.

Ribbon Edge: Outer edge of a lace base.