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Customize your look

For our highly discerning customers who wish to indulge in extravagance, Extensions Plus will create virtually any style in any color and we are the only hair company that offers customized service at this level.

A significant distinction between Extension Plus and our competitors is that all custom work is completed at our headquarters in Los Angeles.

  • European

  • Italian

  • Italian Curly

Extensions Plus works with celebrities, production studios, as well as individual clients and has the ability to create the hair of your dreams while providing excellent service.

Some of the customization services we offer include:

Custom Colors

You provide the color sample, we will match it!

Root Color: For the most realistic disguise, Extensions Plus can darken the roots of the hair to replicate the effect of highlighted hair.

Custom Perm Rods

  • Regular Perm Rods

  • Spiral Perm Rods

Custom Wefting

Machine Wefting: All hair types are custom machine wefted on the premises so that you can specify color combination or highlights.

Hand Wefting: Minimal shedding. All hair types can be wefted by hand to meet your specifications.

All hand wefts and machine wefts are triple reinforced to prevent shedding. Unlike other hair companies, this procedure is unique to Extensions Plus' dedication to quality. When it comes to custom hand or machine wefts, the sky is the limit. If interested in a particular color blend, weave, or comb-over, simply discuss this with one of our sales representatives.

    Extensions Plus provides you with the opportunity to select the thickness:

  • Regular: Good for adding volume.
  • Thin: Works well for a full-weave.
  • Micro-thin: Ideal for full weaves, front parts, or bang area.
  • 25% thicker: Useful when installing a few tracks and for adding length.
  • 50% thicker: Recommended when installing 1-2 tracks.
  • 75% thicker: 75% thicker is 75% more hair than a regular thickness weft.
  • 100% thicker: Double thickness, usually used when installing one weft.