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Bollywood Plus

Our popular Bollywood Plus collection is carefully composed of a blended texture of 100% Indian hair. This special blend creates a richly full voluminous look for you. The Bollywood Plus Collection is similar to our best-selling Zig-Zag Collection, however, we have created this line with thicker ends and a thicker weft line. The intended result is a difficult-to-achieve thickness. Bollywood Plus comes in a variety of textures, colors, and lengths.

Available in Wavy, Natural Body, Wavy and Curly, this collection expresses your individuality with superb and long lasting quality. For certified stylists, wholesale pricing is available.

Disclaimer: Colors are within the color range of your monitor and all colors may vary from what is displayed. We can not guarantee that the color will be even or the same as other packages. This item is unique and the color will vary from package to package. Since all of our hair is 100% human hair, no two bundles are identical. The wave patterns may vary.


Bollywood Plus - Wavy Wefts
Starting at $169.99
Bollywood Plus - Curly Wefts
Starting at $159.99